Friday, May 11, 2012

Launch day tomorrow. Crikey.

I have spent the day in a very sunny Dover and am proud to announce the first sunburn of the year, right on my forehead. Must remember the suncream tomorrow. I didn't spend a lot of time at the boat because the builders were frantically building, and Time Team were filming, so I did all the other bits and took some photos of Dover for you all to get a feel for the place.

As I left this afternoon latest was the boat will be ready for it's maiden voyage at lunchtime tomorrow, which is fantastic news. We've had to change the planned event a little but the ice cream lady has been forewarned so I consider everything sorted. Enjoy the photos, I will post the days events when I have time over the weekend.

Dover Harbour from above. The paddling will take place in the stretch of water to the left. Away from the massive ferries!

The original boat was found, and still remains in part, underneath the building with the red front to the left of the underpass.

Time Team filming. Yes that is Tony Robinson and Phil Harding.

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