Sunday, June 24, 2012

An update on the past week

This week has been a bit manic and I've been up to all sorts of things!

A Town Unearthed
Things have moved on a bit now and we are going to begin test pitting on 2nd July. More updates to follow.

Facebook Page
I've now set up a Facebook page for Canterbury Archaeological Trust's community archaeology side of things; here's a link (please note you can access the page without having a Facebook profile but you can't leave any comments). My aim for this page is to not just advertise projects being undertaken by the Trust, but to highlight other community projects happening around Kent. I'll be also posting happenings from local history groups, museums, and any else that takes my fancy!

Educational Day
I went to an education day to show secondary school teachers in the Folkestone area how they can use archaeology, oral history and local history to supplement their classroom teaching. I haven't had any teacher training so some of the terms and phrases were a little over my head but I learnt a lot and hope to get the opportunity to use what I learnt in the future.

This week I have another school-based day, this time introducing year 7's to some archaeological material. Later in the year I hope to undertake an excavation on a primary school playing field near to the Roman Villa site in Folkestone and hope to use the school children to excavate some test pits; but more on that at a later date.

Ranscombe Nature Reserve
I only went up for the one day this week because it clashed with the education day, I'll only be able to go up one day next week too due to other clashes. The test pitting should be finished up there next week and I'll post the results when I have them. So far they've had hundreds of pieces of worked flint which is very exciting!

Young Archaeologists Club (
I lent a hand with the Canterbury branch of the club on Saturday. The Young Archaeologists Club - or YAC - is run by the Council of British Archaeology and is for young people up to the age of 17. The branches are run all over the country so if you think of someone who may want to join then take a look at the website. So on Saturday we went on a trail around the Cathedral and St Augustine's Abbey looking for the kings and queens buried or depicted in these places. I'm hoping to get more involved with this branch over the next few months and I'll let you know what we get up too; next month is excavating at Randell Manor which should be fun!

Next week is looking just as manic too. I'm in Boulogne twice for the Dover Boat; tomorrow to help set up the finds at the exhibition and Friday for the big launch! I'm at Ranscombe for the last week and there's another education day. On top of that I've got to finalise my equipment and arrangements for my test pitting which starts a week tomorrow (!) Busy busy busy.... be continued....

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